Following, are images of a handful of new and addition/remodel projects designed by TMA Design. Please check back for more examples as more photos are taken.


Donlan Spraker Kennedy Nussbaum
Wenger Bouchard Hatch II Johnson

With around 200 projects of varying scopes and styles completed, we are looking forward to providing our depth of experience and creativity while assisting you fulfill your dreams.

Coming from a unique background which combines a formal education and office experience with a solid construction background, we are able to design homes that are creative, yet buildable and blend with the site along with your needs and desires.

A good design does not become a reality without communicating it to many people. Like our design work, we are noted for the thoroughness of our drawings. We essentially build and refine your home on paper and computer. Then we produce drawings which help the construction process run smoother, with less cost.

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